Better than play-doh


This past weekend was wonderful, nothing like a beautiful long weekend with family. It was a very relaxing Thanksgiving, especially since we didn’t have to travel anywhere this year. We hosted the dinner at our house and with everyone helping, especially Nana’s gravy (something I’m sure I’ll never be able to get right) the meal turned out to be delicious.

I got a chance to show off my wheel this weekend to the family. Those interested took a turn at it, with quite a bit of success. Sophia really wanted a turn at it as well. She started off by playing in the bowl of dirty clay water, then decided she wanted to touch the clay as well. She was so gentle, and I was quite impressed when she started to touch the rim with just enough pressure to smooth it and not distort the shape at all. Although, this is not at all out of character for her, she is gentle and considerate in everything she does. (and that is not just a biased statement from her mother) ;o)

I’ve been busy this past week making bowls, bowls and more bowls. I’ve been trying to make them consistent, so they can fit together nicely as sets of four. I’m getting there. I think a weigh scale would be handy for this so I can make sure I’m starting off with the same amount of clay each time. Currently, I’m trying to find my shape for mugs. I’ve been told by almost everyone that The perfect coffee mug is much needed in their kitchen cupboard so I’ve been put to the challenge. I know what I like so I’ve been working at getting the shape just right. The important elements for me are the comfort of the handle and I’m a stickler for a rim thats not too thick. I’m more of a teacup person so I’m using that feel in my design, although its got to be large enough to hold a mornings worth of tea or coffee.


Uncle Adam took a turn at the wheel and Sophia was glad to assist. Here’s a photo of her helping him center the clay. I just love her little fingers in this picture. What a munchkin. I knew she would love it, she’s always pulling out her play-doh kit every time I turn around.

If the kiln is up and running before Christmas, I’m going to see if she’ll want to help make Christmas ornaments. I think that would be so much fun, and I know she is smart enough to decipher the difference between clay and cookie dough. I’ll have to ask Nana and Great Grandma if they have any old cookie cutters that they don’t need, or else we’ll have to make a trip to the Kitchen store, or maybe SAS (one of my favourite stores) will have some cute ones too.