Time to focus


Every time I sit down at the wheel, I get sidetracked. I have intentions to sit down and try to make a dozen of the same bowl, cup, whatever. The hope is that if I practice the same shape over and over, my quality and skill will improve with each one, also, that pieces will start to look like a set and not an eclectic mix of stuff. This is what happens, I sit down make two of the same shape and then something pops into my head, “oh, you know what I should try, plates, oh oh, maybe a lidded bowl, oh, I should practice handles again,
yes handles…” and this goes on and on. As I look
over all my pieces drying I’m thinking to myself, I need to focus!!!!!!

I’m setting new goals for myself, one shape a week, this WILL be difficult. I need to perfect one thing before moving on to another…. I’m laughing at myself right now as I type this. I know this isn’t going to happen, but I can always give it a try. So this week, I’m going to use molds and make some platters, or maybe dinner plates, or maybe hors d’oeuvre plates with matching spreaders for dip with dip bowls, or…………….