The First Fire

The new kiln is warming up as I speak. After realizing that the old kiln was going to be a little more expensive than originally thought to be fixed, the decision was made to return the parts and look for another one that would be ‘plug in and play’ condition. Thanks to Joel’s expertise/addiction to my new kiln was found. Below is a picture I took as I was loading it, which takes longer than you would think. Having to cart the pieces up from the studio in the basement and then trying to get as many pieces in as possible probably took about an hour.

Only one piece was broken in the first loading – I feel quite proud of this fact.

I’ve been reading over notes, reading the manual and “googling” everything to make sure I’m not making any unnecessary mistakes during this firing. Time will tell. Think good thoughts!


One thought on “The First Fire

  1. Carmen, Reading your blog has helped me confirm what a talented young women you are.

    I am so impressed with your pottery. Can’t wait to see more finished product.

    Love J

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