My first ‘Official’ Sold Item

A very special individual purchased two of my bowls for a wedding gift and I’m so proud that someone other than family will be using and enjoying my work. I love this feeling! I only hope that the newly married couple will enjoy them and use them. I’ve been busy taking pictures of the pieces as they come out of the kiln, however I still need a bit of work getting the light just right. There is still too much glare. Here is a photo of one of my bowls from the last glaze load.

It feels like the glaze testing period is going to last forever. The possibilities are indeed endless and being a gemini, I have two minds about everything. I would love to create a vibrant mediterranean turquoise but also love the soft romantic creams and whites. I do know that with the money from this sale, I’m taking it straight to the pottery store and buying more glaze supplies. One of every colour please!

“Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.”
Rita Mae Brown