Pottery, Sophia

Art in the Heart

Great news! I was recently informed that my application for Art in the Heart was accepted. I’m extremely thrilled about this new challenge and to be honest, I’m starting to feel like I’ll never get enough work through the kiln in time. Of course this means that I will be spending a lot of time in the studio every night until July 10 & 11, which is the weekend I requested. So if you’re in Bracebridge that weekend or planning a trip, that would be a great weekend to come check out downtown. Let’s hope for good weather.

I must give out a big Thank You to Jill Harris, who has been a wonderfully patient person with me during this application process. You’ve been a great sounding board with wonderful advice and answers to all my questions. Thank you!

This picture is of Sophia holding up the lid to one of my first sugar bowls. She is a great helper. When she picks up a dish, she often asks “What is this for? smarties?” It is very important to have a dish for your favourite things. It reminds me of Bert and his paperclip collection and Ernie’s soapdish for rubber ducky. Everything needs a home. Her love of organization makes me smile.