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Muskoka Life

It was a beautiful weekend in Muskoka and while I should have been hard at work in the studio I was enjoying the benefits of being back home in Muskoka. We packed up the coolers, beach toys and towels and headed over to my brother in laws family home and enjoyed a full weekend of sun, sand and water.

His home is down the river from Santa’s Village and Sophia especially enjoyed getting to see Santa’s Summer Sleigh as it passed by with ‘sleigh loads’ of people waving. We also got a chance to give Sophia her first official canoe ride while my sister kayaked along beside us. When we lived in Eastern Ontario, we never had an opportunity to go canoeing and when we came home for visits, the weekends were always so busy. I can’t say how wonderful it is to enjoy a full weekend here without worrying about traveling. It really was a wonderful weekend.

Now that the cooler is emptied and the towels are in the washing machine, reality has hit me….. I only have three weeks left till my first art show. My bowls are ready to be trimmed and pieces are lined up to be glazed and everything in the studio looks rather

My notebook of ideas is rapidly growing and time just seems to be disappearing rather too quickly for my liking to actually complete these ideas.

…..so back to work I go.

I’m hoping that this week I’ll be able to get some work photographed and post some new photos on the Pottery page.