What resonates with you?

As I progress with my pottery, the more obsessed I become with the form and the function of each piece. This is a good thing, however, in the back of my mind I can hear “It’s a bowl! It’s been done before, I’m not making anything new, what’s different about mine, why would someone choose mine, will it look like one they’ve seen elsewhere, will someone love my bowl as much as I do?” I’m sure that these are all insecurities that every artist has felt at one time or another……or have they….

I found this TED talk and it really hit home for how I’ve been feeling lately.


2 thoughts on “What resonates with you?

  1. Hi Carmen,
    I just checked out your websites. You have great work, and I love your ongoing blog that documents your working process. Also, I found this Ted Talk very interesting… something for me to think about, and also for my students… they are always so worried about having others “copy” their ideas đŸ™‚

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