Etsy Listings

Another wintry day and my youngest napped long enough for me to post a few new items in my etsy shop.
Take a peek!


What resonates with you?

As I progress with my pottery, the more obsessed I become with the form and the function of each piece. This is a good thing, however, in the back of my mind I can hear “It’s a bowl! It’s been done before, I’m not making anything new, what’s different about mine, why would someone choose mine, will it look like one they’ve seen elsewhere, will someone love my bowl as much as I do?” I’m sure that these are all insecurities that every artist has felt at one time or another……or have they….

I found this TED talk and it really hit home for how I’ve been feeling lately.

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Thank you!

A few weeks ago, I held an open house to show and sell my work. It was a good turnout and I am so grateful for those that came and supported my art. I truly have the most wonderful friends and family. A special thank you to Cheryl, Rochelle, Michelle and Sarah for helping with setting up, baking, wrapping, taking the money and generally just being amazing friends! I must also thank my father in law for making me a beautiful easel out of birch to hold my ornaments and necklaces. Thanks ‘Big’ Neil!

The Saturday was extremely busy which was wonderful, however, Sunday was slow so next year I will be going back to just having a one day event. I was trying to save money (and the environment) and not do paper invitations and really focus on email and social media to spread the word. After comparing the number of people that came to the number I was hoping for, I think theres alot to be said for paper…something to think about for next year.

I have taken a few boxes of pottery into the Silver Bridge Gallery as well as posting a few items to my etsy shop. If you were unable to attend my open house, please visit the gallery or etsy if you were interested in taking a look. When I was in the Silver Bridge Gallery last week, they did have a few of my snowflake ornaments left…

Here are a few photos from my open house.

….. and a special thank you to Joel for living in a house of complete disarray for a few weeks during set up and take down xo


Etsy Listings!

So my etsy shop has been created for over two months now and I’m finally getting some of my work posted! If you haven’t already, please take a minute to check out my shop, mark it as one of your favourites and in return I promise to do my best at posting new items more regularly!

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Back in the studio

little creamer

I am back in my studio again after too long of a break. So many things have happened since I last posted that I don’t even know where to start… I guess that’s life.

My baby girl is turning one in a few weeks and something that resembles a routine is starting to form after countless sleepless nights (and days). I can now afford some therapeutic ‘me’ time to play with clay during her naps. I have been busy making some work for the Silver Bridge Gallery and that kept me busy this summer, however, I still wish for more hours in a day so I could make them more.

I have also opened up an etsy shop and now I just have to put some pieces in it for sale. I’ve got some jewelry that I need to photograph and they will be

Daisy Pendant

the first in line to put on etsy. I will let you know once they’re posted.

Here are a couple photos of some of my favourite pieces right now. The daisy pendant is so simple, its beautiful (if I do say so myself). I have a sweet spot for daisies, they always cheer me up and they were my mom’s favourite too! I have never owned a creamer and could never find one that I liked – so I made one. Now, I just need to make a sugar bowl to go with it and maybe some chocolate chip cookies would be nice too! I love the shape of this creamer, it fits perfectly in your hand and it doesn’t drip either which is a bonus especially with my 5 year old daughter pouring.


Let the Holidays Begin!

This past weekend I had a very successful open house to show and sell my wares. I had a wonderful turnout and lots of helping hands to make the day go smoothly. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped in preparations for the open house and to thank everyone that came out to support me. Thank you to all my friends and family who donated their time, food and moral support. Thank you thank you thank you!!! A special Thank you for Sophia who hung the candy canes perfectly!!!!!!

For the past few months, I have been working feverishly to try and get what I thought would be enough stock for the show. I am now left with empty tables, a cold, dozens of orders and now what feels like laryngitis. I’m feeling like a week on a beach with a book is in order, however, I must get back to filling those orders…..tomorrow.

I absolutely loved getting feedback from everyone and I am pleased that there were so many happy customers! It was great to go to work today and hear everyone chatting about their purchases and hearing comments “oohh, I was going to buy that one” or “I got one of those too, I love it”. It really is a wonderful feeling to make something that someone is going to love and use everyday. I truly feel honoured to have my work in someones home.


Art in the Heart Success!

The summer must be coming to an end because Art in the Heart is officially over for the year. I set up my booth on the civic long weekend and was very fortunate to have beautiful weather and great traffic. Saturday was a highly successful day with lots of traffic through and sales to prove it. I made a lot of great contacts and I’m so proud of myself for the taking the plunge into selling my pottery.

Initially, I was very nervous about hearing comments from the public about my work but after getting set up and having a few people through I was very pleased with what I was hearing. I have taken on lots of orders for weddings, Christmas etc. so the work definitely doesn’t end with the close of Art in the Heart.

This was the very first show I have ever done with my pottery and I have learned so much. The program was a great way to jump into it with lots of support, advice and
new friends made along the way. I want to give a big thanks to everyone involved in
the program who made it such an easy process.