I have been in workshops the last couple of weekends where we, the participants of Art in the Heart, learned more about marketing ourselves, our work and our image, along with other factors that are important in selling our art. The workshops were wonderful and were more than helpful. One point of interest that was discussed yesterday was self confidence and as new and emerging artists, we tend to be lacking some. It was a great topic and I definitely could relate. I think we are all artists. We just need to find our art. The art that allows you to open up and speak through it.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ~Pablo Picasso

The workshops have made me analyze why I create, why I make what I do. Putting this into words is extremely difficult for me. I love creating pieces that you can use in your daily life. A mug that makes your morning tea or coffee more cheerful. A bowl that makes your ice cream disappear faster. A platter to showcase your favourite sushi. Pieces that make your day a little bit happier. I create, simply because I love to. I love being able to create pieces that someone might enjoy for many years to come. I think that when someone buys handmade, it finds a special place in their home and becomes a part of their lives. To me, this is such a special connection and am honoured to be a part of that.


More than a little frustrated

I took today off from my day job to focus on working in the studio. A day for me. The kiln is firing now so I’m home bound till its completed. As I was cleaning off the pieces to put in the kiln, three of my platters were shattered. My own mistake, no one to blame but me and trying to hurry. This was done first thing this morning, setting the tone for the day.

After a few phone calls to friends and my sister to calm me down, I’m still a little hyper about it. My sister recommended listening to the song ‘Vagabond’ by Wolfmother for a little inspiration and then finish my tea and get back into the studio and focus. I did as my sister told me, and I’m feeling a little better. This song is on the 500 days of summer soundtrack, which is a great movie and it really did help get me in a better mood. I know that pieces will break and that’s life, its all part of being a potter. I know this is more upsetting to me because they are part of a new series of sushi sets that I was trying and I was quite proud of them. They were to be photographed and included in an application that is due this Friday for an art show this summer. With that, I’m getting back to work. I’ll post some photos as soon as I empty the kiln.

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018aI’ve been busy cleaning the studio and making more room for storing pots. Now that I have the space pretty much organized and set up the way I like it, all I really need to do is add more personality with plants, pictures, some books and pieces that mean something to me……inspiration.

My lidded bowls are turning out better than I thought. I need some work on the handles, but atleast the lids fit on the ‘ledge’ perfectly. I was going to post a picture of my first one but the handle is way too big for the bowl and it looks
ridiculous. When I make some that are in
proportion, I’ll post some pictures.